We know that you want to spend your hard pressed budget on things which directly benefit your pupils.

However, for many independent schools the burden of spending on catering, utility costs, office and cleaning supplies can often seem like fixed costs that they can’t do anything about.

Savings for Independent Schools

We have been working with independent schools in the East Midlands over 2 years and during that time have made significant savings for them.  Our approach, of starting with a thorough cost analysis, means we can identify quickly the areas where you may be over paying.

Average Savings

We want to build a long term relationship with each of our school clients to save them money term after term.  This is built on us bringing measurable improvements from the beginning. Average savings made for our school and nursery clients include:

  • Energy (gas/electricity) 19.7%
  • Food  12.3%
  • Hygiene 16.2%